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Plan wisely
Study effectively

Distributed Practice

Correctly choosing the sequence of topics to study will allow the brain to absorb and retain knowledge for longer.

Balancing study with rest and using different areas of the brain is an effective and proven study technique, lowering fatigue and building strength.

Adaptive Schedule

A rigid plan is easily broken. Track your progress daily and adapt to any change. Each time you deviate, Revision Timetable Generator will help you refocus based on your goals and recorded history.

Revision Timetable Generator is akin to a GPS bringing you back to the most efficient route to your goals while allowing you to take a detour or rest along the way.

Measure progress
Stay on target

Practice Testing

Test your knowledge frequently to ensure you're getting the most from your revision. No need to labour for too long on the things you know best when you should be focusing on the areas that need a little more time.

Elaborative Interrogation

Correctly answering a question is not an indication of knowledge retention alone. Can you explain why you know the answer? Can your knowledge help you with other similar questions?

Test yourself and others at key points in your revision to ensure you're ready to move on.


Track your ability to understand the method that led to your outcomes. Identify the areas to work on and know your strengths and weaknesses. Revision Timetable Generator will provide you with clear and easy to understand information you can use to sharpen your revision ability.

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